Peter Joseph



Peter Joseph

Past: November 9 → December 20, 2013

Peter Joseph, a British artist, is showing paintings which have not been presented in Paris for the past twenty years.

The show includes seven large-scale pieces as well as a series of smaller works on canvas, underlining the remarkable freshness and sense of vitality evident in these new paintings.

Famous for his two-tone works, the nuances of which were the product of much careful contemplation, Peter Joseph’s more recent pieces are characterized by a compositional improvisation and are the “result of experience”, his touch both dynamic and calm, leaving several sections unpainted which evoke a new space and new emotion.

“Painting is not just colour. I try to capture light and air on the canvas, darkness and light… I try to paint atmosphere, paint light itself.”

Peter Joseph

Bernard Bouche Gallery Gallery
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123, rue Vieille du Temple

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Filles du Calvaire

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Tuesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
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