Philippe Chancel — Datazone #13 Antarctique



Philippe Chancel
Datazone #13 Antarctique

Past: November 2 → December 9, 2017

As part of Photo Saint Germain, Galerie Catherine & André Hug is exhibiting the project carried out in the Antarctic by Philippe Chancel in 2017: “Datazone 13”.

The Antarctic continent was discovered during the first 30 years of the 20th century. It was an age of pioneers, names that became legendary in connection with the land of ice explored in extreme conditions.

The initial 30 years of the 21st century has become the moment to raise questions about this untouched beauty threatened by terrible risks and potential disaster. A growing number of occurrences vouch for this.

Geopolitical, economic and above all ecological issues culminate in a most likely accelerated future limiting the core, but already weakened values of our planet at the same rate as the accelerated calving of the ice floe. During his first trip to the Antarctic Peninsula Charcot wrote: “It’s so beautiful that while pondering if I am dreaming, I wish I could dream forever. It looks like the ruins of a huge and magnificent city, entirely forged from the purest marble, dominated by countless amphitheatres and temples built by powerful and divine architects”. Does Charcot’s both prophetic and poetic vision of the Antarctic continent, oriented towards mythology and reality, blending the theoretical views and perspectives of a discoverer, still exist today at the far corners of the Earth?

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