Philippe De Gobert


Architecture, photography

Philippe De Gobert

Past: September 17 → October 28, 2011

Philippe De Gobert begins to built scale model spaces and then he photographs them from the inside. The negative shows a place which could be real. The imperfections have been emphasized and the picture has got a pictorial effect. An illusion results from those black and white large size, an it gives us the impression to be aspired in the space made.

From architectures already done, found in news papers, magazines, catalogues of exhibition or born in his imagination, the artist abolishes the border between photographic space and real space. He juggles with two and three dimension. In a stripped and minimum aesthetic, the negatives have a poetic and spiritual atmosphere.

This is the third exhibition of Philippe De Gobert at the gallery. He proposes a new series of photographs : once the model thoroughly realised, he drills the ceiling with a jigsaw. This gesture is violent and gives a sensation of vertigo. The artist dives us in storey buildings which make us feel dizzy in a wink to the utopian architectures of Piranèse or to the “Building Cuts” from the 70’s of Gordon Matta Clark.

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