Philippe Gronon & Eric Schmitt — Complément d’objet direct


Architecture, design, photography, sculpture

Philippe Gronon & Eric Schmitt
Complément d’objet direct

Past: November 10, 2018 → January 12, 2019

Together, Eric Schmitt the designer best known for his sculptural objects and the artist Philippe Gronon recognized for his photographic work have imagined a dialogue between a selection of their pieces.

The Galerie Dutko in Ile Saint-Louis invites you to discover from November 10th to January 12th this singular exchange.

The elaborated and stripped down objects, that are the creations of Eric Schmitt, and those, commonplace and in two dimensions, photographed head-on by Philippe Gronon, find here a surprising plastic collusion, an unexpected complicity.

hese relationships are organised simultaneously from a formal, material and metaphoric viewpoint.
The lithographic stones emphasise the Bob lamp cut from a block of alabaster. This, with its enigmatic halo, lights up the photos, underscoring their strange similarities.

Before three versos of Picasso sewn with thread bearing mysterious motifs, the Sixtine console table piercing through a stone tray, with it six spidery legs, faces them.

The Saturn table in bronze and nickel, with its sturdy roundness, takes centre stage at the foot of a Viking engine from the Ariane IV space rocket, which, like an exploded pupil, sends it the look of one who has already left the stage.

The singularity of the photographic works of Philippe Gronon and their pictoriality mirror conversely and differently the imaginative and structured works of Eric Schmitt.

Each one thus becomes the direct and complementary object of the other.

  • Opening Saturday, November 10, 2018 3 PM → 8 PM
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  • Philippe Gronon
  • Eric Schmitt