Philippe Thomas — AB (1978-1980)


Installation, photography

Philippe Thomas
AB (1978-1980)

Past: April 29 → May 31, 2014

The exhibition Philippe Thomas: AB (1978 — 1980), curated by Émeline Jaret, present AB, a multifaceted work that exists both as an evolving display of adhesive vinyl letters as well as a tapuscript. AB will cover both aspects, the one as first shown during its first exhibition at Mixage International de Caen in 1978 and the other as a tapuscript consisting of 41 pages. This AB exhibition, unreleased since 1980, the year of its last presentation, will be completed by a rich array of documents from the Fonds Philippe Thomas conserved at the Kandinsky Library (Centre Pompidou, Paris).

AB is a relatively less famous work but nonetheless of pivotal importance in the development of the artist’s work. Émeline Jaret stresses how “it is the missing link in Philippe Thomas’ chronology” in her text AB: a first glance.

For more information on the exhibition or to read the text AB: a first glance, please click here

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