Photo Révélation



Photo Révélation

Past: February 16 → March 20, 2012

Gallery 208 presents an innovative exhibition drafting a panoramic view of contemporary photography. Inviting eighteen photographers, Patricia Chicheportiche selects four or six works from each of them and offers us an amazing journey into the universe of photography.

Today, the debate over whether contemporary photography can be considered an art is no longer a question. Contemporary photography is a visual art with no doubt. This is the vision of the exhibition “Photo Révélation”. We wish to reveal a diversified view of this art to the public by inviting French as well as international artists.

Some of the photographers taking part in this exhibition have received renowned international prizes such as HSBC prize, Arcimboldo, etc. Moreover, Gallery 208 introduces five Chinese photographers, presented in France for the first time : internationally appreciated, they have received major prizes in the beginning of their careers.

This exhibition may bring fresh idea to the conception of aesthetic and explore the energy of these fine art photographs.

In this exhibition, the choice of the subject and technique (from Diasec to Polaroid, from lenticular to light box or even in the Chinese traditional scroll) enables the photographers to demonstrate their thoughts and sense of the world. The very strength of this exhibition lies in the plurality of forms and the emotions contained in the phtographs, the meeting of different cultures and sensibilities.

  • Opening Thursday, February 16, 2012 6 PM → 9 PM
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The artists

  • Backes Katrin
  • Benard Julien
  • Blicoe Jeremy
  • Chu Chu
  • Couture Charlelie
  • Hayat Yves
  • Ikam Catherine
  • Lian Zhi Ping
  • Lu Yan Peng
  • Martinez Gabriel
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