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Pics up !
Projet participatif

Past: May 2 → 31, 2015

Pics up 2 grid Pics Up ! Pour fêter ses cinq ans d’existence, le Bal a confié à La Fabrique du Regard, sa plateforme pédagogique en lien avec 126 écoles, collèges et lycées ainsi que 13 académies, un projet d’exposition collective, participative et ouverte qui ouvrira ce mercredi 27 mai sur les berges de Seine.

Crowdsourcing project

Change your perception of reality by holding an image in front of a different environment and taking a picture: Pics Up! 

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To celebrate its 5-year anniversary, LE BAL, an independent venue set up to examine the image-as-document, is showcasing Pics Up! 

For the last year, the 2000 young people studying with the Fabrique du Regard have been working on a ‘crowdsourcing’ project via social networking, whose outcome is a rolling, pop-up exhibition that will be shown on the Banks of the Seine in Paris from 27th to 21st May 2015.

The aim is to take over the public space with images! Reflecting the philosophy of LE BAL and the Fabrique du Regard, Pics Up is all about: Reacting to the flood of images put out by the media by producing off-beat or dissonant images and extending ideas beyond their immediate context ; Impacting reality by using images to alter it ; Being aware that the field of images is political territory; is subject to invasion on a daily basis.

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The exhibition: Pics Up is taking over the public space! 

An open-air pop-up exhibition will take place on the Banks of the Seine from 27th to 31st May.

The best Pics Up images posted online will be displayed on the Banks of the Seine on a 20-metre long wall. From 27th to 31st May, there will be a new exhibition every day: 5 days, 5 different sets of photos on the wall.

At the venue, the general public will have the opportunity to create their own images in a studio set up by young people on the Fabrique du Regard courses, with help from professionals. There will be a production workshop with computers and printers so that people can see their creations in print. Hour by hour, the best images will join the rolling Pics Up exhibition. Meanwhile, on show at the Zzz spaces just a few metres away from the exhibition wall will be work — films, books, posters, newspapers, etc — produced by the Fabrique du Regard workshop students.

Friday 29th May from 6pm to 9pm — The Great Pics Up! Picnic: 
A get-together has been arranged for all the photographers, participants and contributors who have posted their Pics Up to interact with and enjoy the exhibition.

An augmented-reality walk along the ‘Berges’, picturesque strolls for families, and more.

The event is free of charge and open to everyone.

You want to participate?

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