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Lithography / engraving

Pierre Alechinsky
Dernières nouvelles

Past: March 9 → April 29, 2023

For Pierre Alechinsky, being 95 years old is no reason to hang up his brushes and retire. Over the past two years alone, he has painted Fil conducteur, Réflexion, Entre chien et loup, Effarement, or C’est très vite trop tard — to name only a few of his recent works. He has also enriched the margins of four large etchings of his inspired by Balzac’s Treatise on Modern Stimulants, mounted on canvas, with a colour border. The artist has also ventured into a re-reading of an acrylic painting that has been modified six times in the space of some forty years: Dotremont dans sa nuit lapone — only the predella, alluding to the inventor of CoBrA, has remained unchanged since 1981.

Pierre Alechinsky was born in 1927 in Brussels. After studying at La Cambre, he met Christian Dotremont and joined the invigorating CoBrA group in 1949. He then developed an abundant work as a painter and engraver which led him to exhibit internationally. His works are present in museums all over the world, from the United States to Japan, in many European countries. In 2018, he received the prestigious Praemium Imperiale in Japan, a sort of Nobel Prize for the arts. He is also a recognized writer; his most recent work, Ambidextre, was published by Gallimard in 2019. He has exhibited at 13 rue de Téhéran since 1977.

An exhibition Alechinsky à l’imprimerie will be presented from 1rst April until 29 October in the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire.

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