Pierre Alechinsky — Estampes d’il y a longtemps


Lithography / engraving

Pierre Alechinsky
Estampes d’il y a longtemps

Past: July 2 → 30, 2020

From 1948 with his series of etchings, “Les Métiers”, Pierre Alechinsky placed prints at the very heart of his work. Later, with the artistic collaboration of S.W. Hayter or Walter Rossi, Peter Bramsen, Frank Bordas, Piero Crommelynck and Robert Dutrou (to name but a few) he worked continuously on copper, wood, lino, stone or zinc, producing a body of engraved work that is exceptional for its duration, scope and variety. The artist has taken from his files a series of paper works that are a rare testimony to the stages in this creative process. From the 1961 engraving Où en étais-je ? (which appears in the collection of the MoMA) to Waterloo in 1969, and Revalorisation in 1980, giving life to expired stock warrants, to the lithographic eruptions of Vulcanalogies (in the collections of the BNF and La Louvière), these are museum-quality items that can be discovered and acquired in this exhibition.

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