Pierre Petit


Installation, painting, photography, sculpture...

Pierre Petit

Past: September 8 → October 13, 2012

In the work of Pierre Petit, the memories the most diverse mix, with the genuine pleasure, imagination with reality. He plays with objects and images to reach the surface of our eyes, the newspaper, now insignificant, but significant, the common object, which is unusual.

All of these moments, he removes elements that manage to transform the objectivity of everyday poetry, to allow continued his travels. This is a matching game of pictures, a telescoping of ideas that annihilates any censorship to reveal the dream and invest. A waking dream where desires are fulfilled, he invented a world where the impossible becomes possible and is woven the web of his work ; this is how the story develops.

He scatters the stories, he weaves a dense network where one can distinguish the narrative, the events without apparent importance, which seems worthless deploys to shape a poetic space.

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  • Pierre Petit