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Collage, installation, poetry, mixed media

Pierre Tilman
Sélectionner tout

Past: January 23 → March 8, 2014

Pierre Tilman is a language player as musicians play helicon.

With fun and gourmandise.

He manipulates words, sounds and signs / forms.

Child of the 60’s, Raymond Roussel, Queneau, Barthes, Lacan were his tutelary figures, Miles Davis, Hendrix and Boris Vian his musical idols, Les séminaires de Sainte Anne his theater, OuLiPo his reverie …

“Faire des choses avec les mots” turn them into objects “pour ainsi dire/rire” twiggy metagrams .

Just a homophonic “Attention / Attente-Tension” or “Laisser Passer / Laisser pisser” for parallel semantic universe make their nest in the twiggy works of the language.

“Un appel d’R”, “con” and very “bon” together.

Senses, forms , images, and sounds lover, Pierre Tilman tinkers with a concrete poetry made of multiple combinations assemblage.

“The unconscious is structured like a language” who sings “la langue des oiseaux”.

The weird music of Pierre Tilman’s visual puns changes the artwork traditional design and tells our relationship to the world.

  • Performance Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 6 PM

    Pierre Tilman joue de la langue française comme d’autre jouent de l’hélicon … POM POM POM POM.

    Performance / lecture le samedi 8 Mars à 18h.
    Galerie Metropolis 16 rue de Montmorency 75003 Paris.

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