Pierrick Naud — Confidence des Archipels



Pierrick Naud
Confidence des Archipels

Past: September 2 → October 7, 2017

Whether they are intimate drawings or drawings in space, off-line drawings or serial drawings, the line, the shadow and the light, the notions of appearances and disappearances, the coexistence between human beings, plants and animals, hybridization or transformation are constituent of the work I have been making for some fifteen years.

I dip into daily life some images I appropriate, superimpose, or mix, thus creating a strange atmosphere with familiar elements.
For this series I have been making collages from a varied documentation such as newspapers or magazines, mixing fragments of humanity and animality, looking for an alliance between mankind and animals. Then I have been duplicating drawings to scale, freehand, by using different pencils through a long and meticulous work mixing covering with varnish, graphite, gumming, cropping….thus distancing myself from the photographic source so that the drawing can get his own existence.

The work is made of such layers which become a surface available for a new involvement — i.e. a future drawing — which will reveal to the eye, layer after layer, as an evolving photograph.

Pierrick Naud
  • Opening Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 4 PM
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