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Poésie Plate-forme

Past: Thursday, February 15, 2018 7 PM → 9 PM

Jérôme Mauche invites Beverly Charpentier, Thibaud Croisy and Catherine Robbe-Grillet.

This Poésie plate-forme session presents a meeting and dialogue between the three artists, as a way of establishing parallels between their singular adventures as well as their strong esthetic (and ethical) engagements, which combine transgression with the principle of delicacy.

The starting point is the recent show by writer and stage director Thibaud Croisy, entitled Témoignage d’un homme qui n’avait pas envie d’en castrer un autre (Testimony of a Man Who Had No Desire to Castrate Another), exploring the practices of sadomasochism, a world in which Catherine Robbe-Grillet and Beverly Charpentier—both masters of ceremony—are authors, stage directors and muses.

Those exchanges, practices and sensual or amorous pacts, in which words very often prove to be vital, can provide access to meaningful, imaginary spaces, and offer the possibility of an ever-mobile reflection on the circulation of desire and the artistic or non-artistic forms it can assume.

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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Visites commentées le mercredi à 12h30 et le samedi à 12h30 et 16h

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The artists

  • Thibaud Croisy
  • Beverly Charpentier
  • Catherine Robbe Grillet