Poésie Plate-forme : Saisir — Jérôme Mauche reçoit Cynthia Fleury et Lydie Salvayre.



Poésie Plate-forme : Saisir
Jérôme Mauche reçoit Cynthia Fleury et Lydie Salvayre.

Past: Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 7 PM

This “Poésie plate-forme” session offers a meeting between philosopher Cynthia Fleury and novelist Lydie Salvayre. Their work lucidly and broadly explores the contemporary world and the complexity of individual and group psyches. Both help us understand processes of existential individuation and truth representation, thereby suggesting possible forms of action.


Cynthia Fleury

Cynthia Fleury is a philosopher and psychoanalyst working as a researcher at the “Institut des Sciences de la communication”, a professor at the American University of Paris and an associate professor at MINES ParisTech. Her work focuses on tools of democratic regulation. She is also associate researcher at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle and holds the philosophy chair at Hôpital Sainte-Anne (GHT Paris—Psychiatry and Neurosciences). The multifariousness of Cynthia Fleury’s areas of study and thought, which intersect with science, enables her to develop a particularly stimulating vision of the world, and contributes to the acuity of her analyses. She is a member of the national ethics consultation committee (CCNE).

Since publishing her thesis, Métaphysique de l’imagination at Éditions d’Écarts in 2000, she has published some essays as well as two co-authored books, one with Yves Charles Zarka and the other with Jean-Luc Muracciole. She has edited a number of collective books and continues to work on truth dynamics in democratic societies.

Lydie Salvayre

Lydie Salvayre’s literary work is striking for its ambition, aptness and language, as well as its irony and sarcasm. One of her novelistic levers is her way of connecting mental spaces with real contemporary or historical periods by means of spoken and hybrid language, highlighting the fates of individuals running up against group hostility or incomprehension. After studying literature and then medicine, she practiced psychiatry, then child psychiatry, and published her first books, which were increasingly successful.

She has won numerous literary prizes, including the Prix Novembre and the Prix Goncourt and most of her books have been adapted for the theatre. She has also given performance-readings conceived with musicians Serge Teyssot-Gay and Marc Sens.

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