Portail — JIN Bo


Drawing, painting


Past: December 11, 2014 → January 10, 2015

For this new exhibition, Jin Bo opens a door, in line with its previous proposals, based on a reflection where duplication of topics intertwines with an impressionist decor.

By experimenting different ways to enjoy the world around him, the artist’s gaze is today moving on that impression where Hyperrealism and Blur mix.

This work is a physical battle as to deny the truth that appears in front of us. Let’s screw up our eyes to take only those details that ultimately represent the essential, as if awaking after a sweet dream when we feel this comfortable feeling of well-being.

In a society where the spectacular goes one step up every day as videos are posted on the internet, the search of the essential through the artist’s eye and his sensibilities seem paltry.

Today we are conditioned to receive all kinds of increasingly virulent information, becoming bulimic for sensational.

Here, the work of the artist pushes us to imagine, to make the intellectual effort of appropriating the piece so that the emotion regains the upper hand over the mere perception.

The portal symbolized by this exhibition appears as a protective barrier that allows us to take a break. Allowing light to pass, it does not represent a complete break … so let us just be guided by the artist’s light.

Anthony PHUONG
  • Opening Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 6 PM
06 St Germain Zoom in 06 St Germain Zoom out

24, rue de l’Echaudé

75006 Paris

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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM
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