Past: March 3 → 30, 2018

The Catherine and André Hug Gallery invites you to enter the universe of five great artists through their Portfolios giving a global vision of one of their particular series while allowing to see a project photographic as a whole. From Susan Meiselas, great figure of American Photojournalism, photographed and watched grow up “girls of Prince Street ” in Little Italy neighborhood in New York to Kourtney Roy who is photographing her self in the small Canadian town of her childhood, passing by Reine Paradis and his introspective trip to the heart of the American West which is also at the center of Vincent Mercier’s Portfolio and finally Philippe Chancel’s Portfolio initiated in 2005 on 14 iconic territories.

Portfolio%20reine 1 medium
Reine Paradis, Portfolio Reine Paradis, 0 Photography — 15 photos 21 × 30 cm Reine Paradis-Galerie Catherine et André Hug
Portfolio%20philippe%20chancel 1 medium
Philippe Chancel, Portfolio Datazone Philippe Chancel, 2018 Photography — 14 photos 30 × 40 cm Philippe Chancel-Galerie Catherine et André Hug


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