Installation, painting, sculpture, mixed media


Past: September 26 → October 19, 2013

The heart of the artist’s work lies in the subversive variation of everyday objects. Highlighting the futile and forming a reappropriation of the essential value of the useful.

The “Industrial Home Made”, as he calls it, is the mechanical embodiment of the structure on which our consumer society is based.

Lukenewton   2013 01bd original medium
Luke Newton, 75321 Beads Thrill, 0 207.5 × 131.5 cm © A2Z Art Gallery 2013

Accumulation, scaling and deliberately industrial materials, the common ground which remains is the violence of brand identity and the style guides used in the marketing world. The interpretation proposed by Luke Newton finds meaning in the association of extremes. For the consumer society is governed by legal texts that generate a perversion and abuse of common sense.

The frantic repetition of works by the artist, as a life-cycle conditioning, reminds us of the current media blitz. The short-term pleasure that takes us away from our dreams.

Lukenewton   2013 22bd medium
Luke Newton, I-axe Series 2 (black), 0 Polyurethane resin, enamel, earphone, touch wheel — 31 × 48 cm © A2Z Art Gallery 2013

How can we see the horizon with a stiff neck?

Luke Newton, British artist, lives and works in Paris. He is graduate of the school Saint Martins in London.

  • % — Exposition personnelle de Luke Newton Opening Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 6 PM

    Opening in the presence of the artist.

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