Présence Panchounette — (1969-1990)


Painting, sculpture

Présence Panchounette

Past: October 15 → November 19, 2011

Semiose gallery presents around thirty major and iconic artworks of Presence Panchounette since its creation in 1969 until its dissolution in 1990. The ambition of this display is to make readable intellectual and formal relevance of this prolix Artwork.

“Tout est comme avant” we could read on the walls of the Sorbonne in 1968. First provocative mark as much as schoolboy of the Bordeaux’s action group Presence Panchounette which will go to war against the artworld from 1969 till 1990 pamphlets, of disrespectful letters or of foutraques interventions. The group quickly spreads its action to the international artistic stage of which it points with cheerful one doggedness the aesthetic hypocrisies and the ideological taboos. Celebrating " the Chounette spirit ", making the apology of the worst, of the commonplace or the vulgar against the seriousness of the “modernity”, the group takes the opposite view, values and forbidden taste by the most influential cultural circles of this period. Creative forerunners of a postcolonial Art as much as new unexplored forms as the smell or the wine, Presence Panchounette will not hesitate to make round trips in the art history to pay acid tributes to the artists. Be braggings of the collective of Bordeaux will so anticipate movements appropriate for the 80s as the appropriation or the neo-abstract art which, them, will find well and truly their place in the historic genealogies.

  • Opening Saturday, October 15, 2011 2 PM → 9 PM
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