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Past: March 8 → April 5, 2014

Grey Area Multiples presents a new group show of affordable print editions by Matt Calderwood, Katie Goodwin, Alfred T.Palmer and Sam Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski.

The artists develop and challenge all traditional forms of printmaking by taking the printed form into 3 dimensions or by bringing sculpture back into 2 dimensions, using print. The fascinating collection of materials and processes on show include silkscreening on glass and paper, experimental photocopying, rubber stamp printing, anaglyph printing, pigment printing and historic colour photographs.

A rubber sculptural edition by Matt Calderwoo which is designed to be played with, finds itself in print initially through a digital pigment print which shows a selection of sculptural possibilities that the sculpture provides. But the very act of making a sculpture in a material often used for rubber stamps has led the artist to play with similar tesellating forms in print. This new print work compliments the rubber sculpture perfectly, bringing what was initially a 3 dimensional idea back into 2 dimensions. However the inky, oily surface maintains the physicality of the rubber and the contrast between seriousness, playfulness and weight of the overall project.

Grey area multiples print matt calderwood mcnr5010 medium
Matt Calderwood, MC NR50 10, 2010 Cast natural rubber, pigment print, card box — 6 Modular elements — edition of 250 Courtesy of the artist & Grey Area Multiples

Katie Goodwin has fun with printing processes. There is play at work in both the Dawn of the Rainbow work which is a dramatic collection of colours, overlapping to form other colours in a genuine expression of nostalgia and optimism. But also Goodwin present a silkscreen print which is 3D. When viewed using anaglyph glasses the image comes to life, allowing us to see Amoeba visiting the cinema.

Grey area multiples print katie goodwin dawn of the rainbow medium
Katie Goodwin, Dawn of the Rainbow, 2012 6 colour silkscreen on paper — 50 × 60 cm — edition of 25 Courtesy of the artist & Grey Area Multiples, Paris

Continuing the theme of colour, in the photographs by Alfred T.Palmer we see young ladies working hard in the munitions factories in 1942 and in other works they relax on their lunch break, enjoying sandwiches in the sunshine. These are some of the very first colour prints ever made, coming from Kodachrome transparencies, a totally new technology at the time.

1a35359u medium
Alfred T. Palmer, Women at work on C-47 cargo transporter, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California, 1942 Photography — 30 × 24 cm Courtesy of the artist & Grey Area Multiples, Paris

Sam Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski approach print in an original way. In one work they use the most seemingly mundane process. A photocopy, which is brought to life with gold paper, creating a mystical and nostalgic feel. As part of the same series they also use reclaimed glass with silkscreened images of themselves dancing. The dancers relax against the wall, at once transparent and confident.

Grey area multiples print sam levack jennifer lewandowski sunrise medium
Sam Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski, Sunrise, 2012 Photocopy on gold paper — 42 × 30 cm — edition of 10 Courtesy of the artist & Grey Area Multiples, Paris

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