Promised Land — Solo Show


Photography, video

Promised Land
Solo Show

Past: June 22 → July 28, 2012

Since a few years Nikolaj B.S. Larsen, a multidisciplinary artist, develops a work resolutely engaged around the concept of “migration”. He manages to avoid “clichés” in the media by the processe of aestheticization and handling. It doesn’t show only the time of exclusion. Nikolaj triumph against the moralizing discourses, and raises the question of a “live together” constantly bullied between ethics and politics.

For the occasion of Promised Land exhibition, Nikolaj B.S. Larsen will show his recent works to documentary aspect. The Parisian public can discover the video installation Promised Land illustrating the journey of Calais towards England with young migrants. Promised Land is commissioned by the Creative Foundation for Folkestone Triennial 2011 and his generous support from The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, The Arts Council England and The Danish Arts Council.

Nikolaj B.S. Larsen elaborates under our eyes an exhibition tribute, where the usual speech is moved and invites the spectator to re-examine the notion of “migration”.

  • Opening Friday, June 22, 2012 5 PM → 9 PM
GVQ – Vanessa Quang Gallery
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