Pume — Pourquoi pas Bylex ?


Mixed media

Pourquoi pas Bylex ?

Past: May 23 → October 27, 2012

Pume invented Bylex in 1988. Bylex is not a person, it is a brand that defines the organization of the world that Pume-Bylex created and in which Pume lives. One might think that Bylex is a pseudonym about whom the artist Pume speaks as a disembodied entity, in the third person, except that he is the creator of Bylex.

My strength is form. I was as nothing. Today I am a talking person.


Bylex is a proposal of Pume : the "why not ? " founder.

His works executed with the greatest of hardships — universes retained in glass frames — are year after year on the same themes: bestiary, everyday objects, clothing, and pantheon of ideas. His works are part of his “bylex” obsession of speech, of metaphor.

Bylex it is a science, the science of growth. Science of Bylex would capture the horizon, to see beyond the horizon, that is to say, think bigger.

His monographic book published for this solo show by Revue Noire Editions presents 70 of his artworks with his lyrics and sketches of study, completed by his ABC writing that defines his thought, his utopia, his work.

Pume was born in1968. He lives and works in Kinshasa.

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