Quand l’inconcevable prend forme


Mixed media

Quand l’inconcevable prend forme

Past: June 3 → July 12, 2023


Political violence, war and social injustice generate events that exceed human imagination and sensitivity. Although sorely tested, artistic subjectivity is capable of expressing the inconceivable in a poetic, allegorical or conceptual form that is more revealing and transformative than any direct representation.

This exhibition is about unveiling, processing, becoming and healing, which together make it possible to gain agency and the capacity to imagine a future. It presents artists from Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, the Golan Heights, Myanmar and Belarus. They deal with the damage caused to their communities in different ways. Some convey a sense of brokenness through a fragmented body. Others commemorate the victims or engrave their names in the collective memory. There are those who try to understand how their identity shifts, accepting the scars and displacements and those who turn their fragility into a weapon, using the power of art as a protective shield.

Together, their artistic expressions and experiences intertwine in a dialogue that forms a common account of their struggle for peace and justice.

With : Akram Al Halabi, Marwa Arsanios, Yana Bachynska, Sirine Fattouh, Rana Haddad & Pascal Hachem, Nikolay Karabinovych, Myro Klochko & Anatoliy Tatarenko, Nge Lay, Bahar Majdzadeh, Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Anton Varga), Marina Naprushkina, Sergiy Petlyuk, Farnaz Rabieijah, Alyona Tokovenko, Reem Yassouf.

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18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville

75004 Paris

T. 01 42 78 71 72 — F. 01 42 78 40 54

Official website

Pont Marie

Opening hours

Wednesday – Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Late night on Wednesday until 9 PM

Admission fee

Free entrance

The artists

  • Marwa Arsanios
  • Sirine Fattouh
  • Akram Al Halabi
  • Nge Lay
  • Alyona Tokovenko
  • Yana Bachynska
  • Rana Haddad
  • Pascal Hachem
  • Nikolay Karabinovych
  • Myro Klochko
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