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Question n°81 : tentative de réponse

Past: Friday, December 8, 2017 4 PM → 10:30 PM

workshop / reading / screenings / discussion

Collectively organised at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers as part of their ongoing work with the Groupe d’information sur les ghettos, Questionnaire Elementaire (Basic Questionnaire) looks into the mechanisms of exclusion and retreat into identity. During the late afternoon and evening the workshop, reading, screenings and discussion will focus on an additional question and the concept of visual sovereignty:

81. Have you ever been tempted to take a photo of a Roma child in the
street because you thought he was just too cute?

This event will bring together authors Sonia Chiambretto and Yoann Thommerel, writer/blogger Jacques Debot and, from the BRÈCHES collective, anthropologist/filmmaker Jonathan Larcher and artist Leyokki, who will present their film Romani Memory #1 — Amintire.

The discussion will be preceded by the Archives and Technologies of the Image workshop, with the BRÈCHES collective and a reading based on Vine Deloria Jr’s Custer Died for your Sins: An Indian Manifesto, with economist Anne-Sarah Huet and typographer Gabriele Čepulytė, centring on the concept of visual sovereignty.

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The artists

  • Anne Sarah Huet
  • Sonia Chiambretto & Yoann Thommerel
  • Jacques Debot
  • Jonathan Larcher
  • Leyokki
  • Gabriele Čepulytė