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Past: December 3, 2022 → February 7, 2023

With : Manolis Baboussis, Conrad Bakker, Ezra Benus, Janet Biggs, Pierre & Sylvie Bonard Mermoud, Carine Bovey, Mauren Brodbeck, Céline Cadaureille, Orianne Castel, Brice Catherin, Véronique Caye, Isabelle Chapuis, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Bob Flanagan, Aimée Fleury, Laurent Fiévet, Loris Humeau, Alexandra Jabre, Emilie Jouvet, Teresa Kozinc, JiSun Lee, Simon Leroux, LiFang, Violaine Lochu, Eva Magyarosi, Tuomo Manninen, Gianluigi Maria Masucci, Maïa Mazaurette, Robert Montgomery, Rita Natarova, Amy O’Neill, Charles Pétillon, Sasha Polla, Alain Riad, Mario Rizzi, Curtis Santiago, Guillaume de Sardes, Sarkis, Matt Saunders, Laure Tixier, Caroline Tschumi, Xavier Veilhan, Werner Widmer, Agata Wieczorek, Lee Yanor.

The exhibition RAINBOW is a celebration of diversity. Of all diversities: diversity of gender, of bodies and sexual preferences; diversity of the 45 invited artists, of their age (from 13 to 84 years old), of their origins (17 different countries) and of the media used: videos, photographs, black marble sculpture, textiles, drawings, paintings, chocolates, light boxes, posters to be given, to be taken, books, messages…; diversity of colors, of beliefs and, of course, biodiversity!

Analix forever 14 1 medium
© Werner Widmer

RAINBOW is a declaration of love to all differences in our world, while these differences are so often stigmatized. The exhibition proposes a multitude of possible paths, thanks and through art, in response to the crises that engulf us. A celebration of engaged creation and lightness.

RAINBOW is a cultural manifesto for diversity and peace. Indeed, welcoming diversity is a path to peace, as is art, and together they allow us to open borders, to cross them, to go beyond. And peace is an irreducible condition of sustainable development and of a human ecology respectful of future generations.

Analix forever 12 1 medium
© Isabelle Chapuis

And hence, children are absolutely welcome. Please note, however, that one of the exhibition rooms will only be open to them with the permission and in the presence of their parents or other responsible persons.

The exhibition will open its doors to the public on Saturday and Sunday, December 3 and 4, for a colorful opening with original performances, presentations of their works by the artists themselves, music, conversations, masks, agreements and why not disagreements, a multitude of things to listen, look at, hear, see and drink. Exceptionally, on December 4 (Saint Barbara’s day) Barbara Polla will also participate in a performance.

Analix forever 13 1 medium
© Ezra Benus

Émilie Jouvet’s film My Body My Rules will be presented during two special evenings (dates to be confirmed, pre-registration required).

To welcome 2023 with dignity, the weekend of January 14 and 15, 2023 will bring together outstanding personalities, including Dimitris Dimitriadis, the greatest Greek theater writer today and a great friend of Analix Forever, poetry and desire. Thanks in part to Amy O’Neill, a special tribute will also be paid to the late performer, artist and writer Bob Flanagan.

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10 rue du Gothard

1225 Chêne-Bourg (Suisse)

T. +41 22 860 03 72


Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday, 1 PM – 5:30 PM
Other times by appointment

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The artists

  • Xavier Veilhan
  • Laure Tixier
  • Laurent Fiévet
  • Sarkis
  • Matt Saunders
  • Violaine Lochu
  • Conrad Bakker
  • Isabelle Chapuis
  • Bob Flanagan
  • Robert Montgomery
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