Rebecca Bournigault — Within a Sound


Drawing, video

Rebecca Bournigault
Within a Sound

Past: April 6 → June 15, 2013

“Even if every man reacts differently, there are more general observations. Women are much more relaxed for portraits than men. Finally, Beuys already said that they were the future. Self-portrait is totally different from other portraits. We see that it hurts her to be the recorder and recorded. There is a kind of game of embarrassment that contains a dramatic and reminiscent that reminds us of the monodrama of Jean Cocteau, with Roberto Rossellini filmed by Anna Magnani, La Voix humaine in Amore (1948). It is the youngest artist of the Biennial, and it is what gives us most others.”

— Harald Szeemann, the catalog of the Biennial of Lyon, 1997.

Today Rebecca Bournigault carries on her exploration of the portrait through others by extending her artistic universe to vegetal and animal kindom to identify elements of humankind. Creating and working with her favorite mediums, she gathers in this exhibition, videos, watercolors and drawings on paper.

A diptych of an unlikely couple Emeutier and Femme hystérique opens the exhibition among a series of watercolors by Dürer’s engravings. This is the starting point for a research on animals in the History of Art.

Video-tondos are shown as a minimal and sleek triptych We are deserts the first words of a text by Gilles Deleuze:

“In each of us there is a sort of asceticism, with a part directed against ourselves. We are deserts, but populated by tribes, fauna and flora. And all the people, all the crowds do not prevent the desert, which is our asceticism, instead they inhabit it , they pass by him, on him. The desert, onself experimentation, is our only identity, our unique opportunity for all combinations which live in us.”

— Gilles Deleuze, Dialogues with Claire Parnet, Champs Flammarion, p. 18.

The artist cherishes classical subjects of the History of Art. Rebecca Bournigault closes the exhibition by a large number of Vanities (series began in the 2000s).

  • Opening Saturday, April 6, 2013 6 PM → 9 PM
Dominique Fiat Gallery Gallery
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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

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  • Rebecca Bournigault