Regina José Galindo & Claudia Losi — Women for Life


Installation, performance, sculpture, video

Regina José Galindo & Claudia Losi
Women for Life

Past: June 26 → July 12, 2013

La Maréchalerie, Contemporary Art Center of énsa-v and Les Moulins, the research and artistic production centre founded by Lucy + Jorge Orta, combine their respective exhibition and residency programs, and present the Women for Life project.

Transdisciplinary, Women for Life aims to be a collective experience that questions our identities, their connections, and their place into the world. The artists Regina José Galindo and Claudia Losi, invited by Lucy + Jorge Orta to the 2013 Les Moulins residency program, exhibit at La Maréchalerie a radical artistic practice that reflects their environmental, political and social commitments. The exhibition Women for Life designed as a work in progress laboratory, gathers ideas created during the residency, to reveal two distinct approaches of coming to terms with the complexity of the world around us.

The artist Regina José Galindo (born in 1974 in Guatemala) is associated with the body art movement. Her work takes place in the field of performance. Using video in which the artist acts by mutilating herself facing the confusion of the spectator. By experiencing these injuries, Regina José Galindo fundamentally links Art and life, turning her body into an object of art. Thus, she’s not only a witness but takes part inherently at the same time at the history of her country. The art of Regina José Galindo is certainly violent, but alive. Her work is struggling desperately against the denial of the human being, its domination and sadism from which it suffers every day, especially for women. An act of resistance through poetry.

The Art of Claudia Losi reaches fields as different as science, nature and literature. Italian artist (born in 1971), she uses mediums such crafts, in sewing and embroidery, or more traditional ones such as photography, video and performance. Travelling the world and its landscapes, Claudia Losi produces cartographies. From the smallest detail of a natural environment like lichens, she took even the largest living animal, the whale. Creating and reinventing new mythologies, Claudia Losi mixes real and imaginary, ecology and poetry into works that tell the history of the world, its complexity and beauty. Her work, being participative, tries to connect art to the world and its inhabitants while taking the form of a protest.

Some of the works may contain images that may offend the sensibilities of visitors, especially children.

  • Opening Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 6 PM
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