Régis Cozat — Solitudes


Architecture, installation, photography

Régis Cozat

Past: March 16 → April 14, 2012

The title of the new installation of Régis Crozat is "Solitudes" — A walk to discover 200 castles in ruins, from Châtel to Samarkand.

It shows us a part of his collection of over 400 middle age castles on a thousand visited in 25 years. This inventory materializes the abundance, the variety and the international dimension of architecture in the medieval military construction. The exhibition is divided into three points of view :

The romantic views

Nine stories of ruins are presented and housed in boxes. The staging inside the box forced the visitors to dive into a containment helping to create a unique link between the viewer and the image.

The promises of the quest, to a castle

A panoramic presentation renders the search for a lost place. Access to a castle, according to its location, is sometimes slow and delicate, thus taking the appearance of a treasure hunt: over the rise, tracking feeds the imagination of hopes, memories, promises. It carries a game of seduction between the surrounding topography and the visitor. Presented on 20 panels to 20 m long, 30 views hidden and then revealed sporadically constitute a fresco where black dominates, expression of this largely unknown.

The photographic survey

Systematic presentation voluntarily fades in favor of a didactic principle. The imagery, taken from the 400 listed sites and thousands of pictures taken, inventoried
about 140 places each illustrated by a photo annotated with text describing the state of mind or my feelings during my visit. A historical and archaeological heritage is also associated. The mention of the date of the visit and the photographic representation associated commentary, making lasting testimony

Originally conceived as a facility for the site of the ruins of the Fortress of Chatel sur Moselle in Lorraine. This first exhibition scripted spread over more than one hectare, showed that inventory and photographic documentation in an ad hoc context. In addition, management invited visitors to stroll through the site, exploring the ruins. The event took place throughout the summer 2011.

  • Régis Crozat — Solitudes Opening Saturday, March 17, 2012 5 PM → 9 PM
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