point miroir


Collage, drawing, installation, sculpture

point miroir

Past: September 10 → 24, 2011

L MD gallery invites in residency from July 25th till August 28th, 2011 the artists Soraya Rhofir, Sandra Aubry and Sébastien Bourg. They will work on their last projects and will prepare the exhibition point miroir (Reflection Point) which will take place from 10 to 24 September 2011.

Soraya Rhofir

Born in 1981. Lives and works in Paris.

The work of Soraya Rhofir feeds on her daily consumption of the television show, obsoletes icons, illusionists’ strategies, ornamental subtleties, advertising magazines and of a set of historic and cultural, mythical and antique references.

The collected images are then associated and compiled in the form of installations or collages. The cumulative principle produces enigmatic meetings, diverting the symbolism of the imaging towards the imagination and the aesthetic vocabulary towards strange visual narratives. Devices and directions produce multiple stories proceeding from one possible layout of each element. Objects and characters assert the evidence of their meeting and their meaning, through chosen or “captured” sequences.

Her last project is entitled Un Lecteur Acrobate (One Acrobat Reader), it is about a research on a system of presentation and synthesis of a selection of PDF documents and recent archives images.

Sandra Aubry & Sébastien Bourg

Born in 1980 and in 1977. Live and work in Paris.

“Sandra Aubry and Sébastien Bourg invent and build objects as visual riddles. As these objects escape from reality, they are diverted from their functions to become pure signs, questioning contemporary myths. The two artists reveals alternative meanings within objects, analyzing their dreams as their nightmares. The imperfections of material construction (the industrial object almost returned to its primitive state) provide evidence of their fabrication, betraying the imbalance and fragility of shams. This visible fragility coexists with the strength and narrative content produced by each of the objects in tension with the space”. Ludivine Sibelle, Perception Park.

For the L MD galerie summer residency, Sandra and Sébastien wish to revive existing works, either in their entirety or only partially, by graphically re-staging them and considering their insertion into the gallery space. It is a chance to rethink their works through the lens of volume / drawing / space, and to consider the collection set in motion by way of confrontations, lacks and frustrations.

  • Opening Saturday, September 10, 2011 6 PM → 10 PM
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