Revue N/Z #2 — Suspens & Syncope


Performance, photography

Revue N/Z #2
Suspens & Syncope

Past: Friday, January 27, 2017 8:30 PM → 11 PM

This performed event, organised on the initiative of N/Z journal and hosted by Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, will be an opportunity to share and give visibility to the many exchanges that have taken place over the years between artist Agnès Geoffray and curator Vanessa Desclaux.

Convulsion, hypnosis, fainting, levitation and syncope — these will be the leitmotivs of this evening event, which will involve literary exchanges, readings and accounts, and the sharing of images, etchings and photographs, to reveal the fantastical dimension of these states of suspension.

The evening will close with a piece by Agnès Geoffray, located at the crossroads between performance and photography, that will revisit these myriad positions somewhere between collapse and elevation.

With performers Mordjane Mira and Selwan Cherfi.

“For a long time now, hanging, suspended bodies, halted gestures and frozen words have haunted both my photographic work and my writing. These figures just keep coming back. I play with these cessations and suspensions, situated somewhere between collapse and ascension. The fascinating thing about suspension is missing time. We know nothing about the time that precedes it and can barely make out the time that comes after — a suspended movement where everything is still possible. It is a time of resistance. This stretching-out of time, this frozen expectation is a resistance to the tragedy yet to come.

As my exchanges with Vanessa Desclaux developed, a gradual slippage from suspension to syncope ocurred. This break in reality, this floating of time, this cessation became an eclipse. A gentle decline or a brutal collapse in order to distance oneself from reality“.


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Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm

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The artists

  • Vanessa Desclaux
  • Agnes Geoffray
  • Mordjane Mira
  • Selwan Cherfi