Richard Caldicott, Brian Hubble, Paolo Giardi — #spring


Collage, drawing, screen-printing, mixed media

Richard Caldicott, Brian Hubble, Paolo Giardi

Past: March 22 → May 24, 2014

Richard Caldicott

Richard Caldicott was born in 1962 in Leicester, England. He lives and works in London. His works on paper retain the formal aesthetic concerns of his large scale photographs, and are similarly made in series, each one able to stand alone but forming part of a larger whole. Meticulously constructed, they transform mundane materials such as envelopes into crafted objects of compositional elegance.

His work is strikingly restrained, and reflects Caldicott’s long-running interest in Modernist architecture and Minimalist music. As part of an over-arching, decades-long exploration of line, colour, and form, Caldicott presents a sensory experience that is simultaneously austere and seductive.

Brian Hubble

Brian Hubble was born in 1978 in Newport News, Virginia. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Utilizing the appropriate mediums to facilitate his ideas Brian Hubble consistently plays with boundaries, both wisely and cleverly. His interplay with meaning and process raises questions of validity and ownership with precision.

“My repeated questioning of meaning and context are some of the driving forces that inform my endeavor. Constructing artifice that may be inflected with a caustic but playful touch of anarchy is just part of the strategy.”

Brian Hubble

Paolo Giardi

Paolo Giardi was born in 1964 in Florence, Italy. He lives and works in London. His works across a variety of disciplines producing art that explores the technique of the montage. This has led to a fascination with, and exploration of, the languages of citation, allusion and adaptation. Through the exercise of association, he simultaneously attemps to manipulate and transport existing images out of their original context, blurring the experiences of memory and perception.

Giardi has never been an artist who paints exclusevely; his background is also that of a window dresser, an illustrator, a retail designer, a print maker, and all these layers are clearly visible in his work. The sense of displacement, generated by a combination of different and yet vaguely familiar idioms, recognisable imagery and more graphic and abstract elements, evokes the nature of a forgotten or distant memory. What lays before our eyes becomes a hieroglyph to be decifered. Such imagery could be at once amusing or alarming to the viewer.

  • Opening Friday, March 21, 2014 6 PM → 9 PM
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