Rometti Costales — Cup or cat — adjust alliteration over cosmic t. a. z.


Mixed media

Rometti Costales
Cup or cat — adjust alliteration over cosmic t. a. z.

Past: September 17 → October 29, 2016

Most certainly everything started with an unacknowledged misspelling of a word skimmed off the late afternoon fog, a bit recklessly. Maybe the listener was tired and didn’t put much attention to it. Or maybe it was murmured in a certain way, dimming ignorance with a stutter, ashamed of not knowing the correct answer, but still wanting to say something anyway.

The bright blue thread, woven into an intricate pattern of a huipil, kept unmoved by the sudden double meaning poured on it. Was it a cup or a cat? And couldn’t it be both, siphoning every now and then one of the two substances into a third one, confusing the envelope from inside? On its race in and out the fabric’s surface, it would intertwine with other meanings, likewise stealthy and on permanent revolution. To be three times different instead of staying one time the same seemed quiet appealing.

Jousse entreprise rometti costales medium
Rometti Costales, Vue de l’exposition Cup or cat, adjust alliteration over cosmic t. a. z., 2016 Photo © Paul Nicoué

“From the word tiger and the word dance might rise orchids, or perhaps nazca poison-of-tohé. From the night pregnant by a tibe, that almost-gull from our rivers, the word lightning is born, which is the twin of the amawaka word silence-after-the-rain. Because in amawaka there is not just one silence, like usually in your language, quiet, saying nothing, but a lot of distinct silences, as in the forest, as in our visible world, and also as many silences as those existing in the world invisible to the eye of a material body”

Calvo, C. (1981). Las tres mitades de Ino Moxo y otros brujos de la amazonia. Iquitos: Proceso Editores.

  • Opening Saturday, September 17, 2016 4 PM → 9 PM
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