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In 11 days: May 28 → July 2, 2022

Sun Choi : Facts of the World Rediscovered

Sun Choi’s central intention lies in maintaining a close distance with the events of the world around him. “Close distance” here refers to his efforts to maintain contact with the real events while acknowledging the limits of the senses.
Very often the artist would extract materials from real events and treat it as an undeniable fact to be brought directly into the exhibition space. The work requires our attentional and physiological engagement towards the material, allowing it to speak for the events they were extracted from…

Hence his brutally realist view of art. Art, in his view, allows for exercising our capacities to establish a personal relationship with reality, to the point where it defamiliarizes and makes us rethink the status of our factual comprehensions of the world. Choi’s method consists not only in expanding the threshold of his intuition, but also that of his understanding of the significations of the historical events whose truth can only be approached by the sense provided by the material medium as facts of experience. In his effort to extract a sense that does not lie, to do away with the idea that art and aestheticization can take precedence over experience, Choi visits the sites of real events, with the imperative of liberating himself from the phenomenological conditions to share the taste of their truth, presents and gives voice to the paradoxically aestheticized but never encrypted material of experience.


Jimin Son, Maître de conférence, Philosophie de l'art.
  • Opening Friday, May 27 6 PM → 9 PM

    Sun Choi (né en 1973) se doit constamment d’exiger une contiguïté étroite avec l’événement réel dans le monde qu’il vit et partage. Contiguïté, puisqu’il s’efforce à maintenir un contact avec des événements dans le monde tout en ressentant la nécessité d’admettre les limites des sens.