Samta Benyahia — Le Drap


Installation, photography, video

Samta Benyahia
Le Drap

Past: March 9 → 30, 2013

Let us remember. By day, Penelope weaves the cloth destined to serve as her father-in-law’s shroud. By night, she unravels it to stave off suitors wanting to replace her husband who has not yet returned. Without a maid’s betrayal, no man or woman would have discovered the ruse. Weaving is a woman’s domain, representing the mystery of the feminine. Many taboos surround weaving. One of the strongest forbids a man to walk behind the loom, which, facing the door open onto the light of day, connects heaven and earth and allows women to trace and retrace this connection, to fashion it into a wall.

Zineb Labidi, 2012
  • Opening Saturday, March 9, 2013 4 PM → 9 PM
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  • Samta Benyahia