Satoru Sugihara — Agent-Based Computational Design


Architecture, design

Satoru Sugihara
Agent-Based Computational Design

Past: June 9 → 30, 2015

Satoru Sugihara embodies here a new generation of architectural practice developing new conceptual programming tools in order to script and process complex surfaces and unexpected designs.

ATLV founded in 2012 by Satoru Sugihara. He is currently a faculty member at Southern California Institute of Architecture teaching scripting for computational design. He has over 5 years of experience as a computational designer at Morphosis Architects as well as over 16 years of experience in computer programming. He holds Master’s degree in Architecture from University of California Los Angeles and another Master’s degree in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • Satoru Sugihara — Computing Growth Workshop Event June 22 → 27, 2015

    Computing growth workshop is a computational design workshop with Processing and iGeo library focusing on agent-based algorithms and cellular growth algorithms for 3D form/formation generation. 
    Participants start with the basics of scripting and 3D geometry generation in Processing and iGeo library and go through tutorial sessions on simple agent-based algorithms, branching algorithms, particle simulations and cellular growth algorithms. Then participants develop own codes with the assistance of the instructor to explore agent-based computational design processes and to design and generate complex form/formations. 

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