Scènes du geste


Dance, performance, video

Scènes du geste

Past: November 6 → 8, 2015

Scènes du geste is a performance event in which gestures, memory and archive converge. It beckons the audience to get familiar with the many works highlighting the relationship between bodies and history.

Artists and researchers are gathered following a series of dance and music performances, facilities and screenings. Starting point of a two-year cycle in the CND, this first chapter addresses the dialogue that has long been taking place between performing arts and cinema, music and visual arts.

This event will consist of 2 parts, one in the daytime, one at night. During the day the whole building designed by architect Jacques Kalisz will operate following a route that will give the public the opportunity to engage in an aesthetic experience.

There will be three more events in addition to the various works displayed across the showrooms: the Fabrique des gestes, the Laboratoire des chœurs and the Atelier des archives. In the evening dance and music shows will be combined with a series of screenings showing how solo and duet figures bear witness to the fantastic innovation to which they led in Europe for over three centuries.


CND — Centre National de la Danse Independant
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Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 7 PM

Admission fee

Full rate €15€ — Concessions €10€

Tarifs spectacles avec LA CARTE CND : 10€ (plein), 5€ (réduit)