Secret Cinema présente Danica Dakic



Secret Cinema présente Danica Dakic

Past: Monday, April 27, 2015 at 7 PM

Screening of “Role-taking, Role-making” by the artist Danica Dakic.

How are stereotypes to be dislocated and identities re-presented? This is the challenge of the work Role-taking, Role-making by the Bosnian artist Danica Dakic, presented for the first time in France at Secret Cinema.

Role-taking, Role-making (2004-2005) was produced in collaboration with a Roma community.


The play was filmed in the Plemetina refugee camp in Kosovo, in a studio, and in Cologne in 2003 at the last performance in the Pralipe theatre, initially founded in 1970 in Skopje, whose aim was to re-present the Roma identity and culture. The play borrows their narrative techniques from the Sinté and Roma communities, working, by way of interweaving, a set of writing systems somewhere between the documentary, re-presentation, and fiction. On the one hand, then, the imagination with the traditional figures associated with the Gypsy culture (the fortune-teller, the painter, the musician, dancers); on the other, short sequences, during which these same figures talk directly, where social reality casts doubt on the imagination; in between, the comments of a Bohemian woman about issues of identity and social representation. Role-taking, Role-making deals with the question of the theatre in its institutional dimension, and of theatricality in its performative and social dimension. The context is historical and political, because, after the break-up of Yugoslavia, it has to do with the question of the availability of territory of existence and identification for a minority group in a situation of exclusion and displacement.


Danica Dakic was born in 1962 in Sarajevo; she currently lives in Düsseldorf and Sarajevo. Recent exhibitions include “Safe Frame” in 2013 at the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt-am-Main, and “Emily” in 2012, at the Turku Museum, as well as collaborations at the 31st Sao Paulo Biennial and in the exhibition “Portrait d’intérieur” at the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco in 2014.

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