Semaine du Dessin — Mathieu Weiler — Fragments



Semaine du Dessin — Mathieu Weiler — Fragments

Past: March 23 → April 23, 2016

“My work is focused on drawing.

I work in interaction with the world around me. Most of the time, it starts with strolling around my environment : the city.

Little things catch my attention : it can be a concrete cube, a heap of sand, an object found in the street… Then, I draw the object in a very large scale (the object is centered, square format), on a white background : the object is decontextualized and goes back to its primary shape : circle, square, triangle.

Working in Chicago, at the Hyde Park Art Center, was a great opportunity for me to be confronted with a new environment, as I had the chance to do during other residencies (Villa Medicis Roma, Fonderie Darling Montréal…)"

— _Mathieu Weiler _

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Saint-Sébastien – Froissart

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