Sepik — L’Art au long du fleuve


Sculpture, mixed media

L’Art au long du fleuve

Past: October 27, 2015 → February 7, 2016

Sepik, Art along the river is the first exhibition in France dedicated to the arts of the peoples from the largest river in the north of Papua New Guinea; the exhibition includes an unseen selection of 230 masterpieces. Settled on the banks of the river and its tributaries for several millennia, the inhabitants of Sepik have evolved in a world where every object may be sculpted, carved or painted with animal, human or abstract motifs. Sculpture, needlework, pottery, drums, shaped skulls, used every day or only during ceremonies, these objects are decorated with images or signs connected to nature and human or animal ancestral figures.The exhibition conjures up the setting of a traditional village with public spaces open to everyone and majestic homes built on alleyways accessible only to the initiated. It reveals the major ancestral figures and explains the multiple forms and variations in which they are depicted.

Curators: Philippe Peltier, Head of the Oceania-Insulindia collections at the musée du quai Branly and Markus Schindlbeck, Head of the Oceania and Australia Collections at the Ethnological Museum of Berlin.

Scientific Advisor: Christian Kaufmann, Honorary Curator, former Head of the Oceania Collection at the Museum der Kulturen in Basel.

  • Lecture October 27 → 28, 2015

    Due to the number and complexity of societies established on its banks, but also the astonishing and varied production of material, the valley of the Sepik river and its tributaries has acted as a laboratory for the fields of research and reflection on rituals and the use of objects. This colloquium aims at discussing the field of research and will focus particularly on the interpretation of objects in their uses (rituals,
    dances, etc.) and on the issues of representation by museums and exhibitions.

    Scientific Committee: Philippe Peltier, Markus Schindlbeck and Christian Kaufmann in collaboration with the department of Research and Education at the musée du quai Branly.

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37, quai Branly

75007 Paris

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Alma – Marceau

Opening hours

Tuesday & Wednesday, Sunday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Thursday – Saturday, 11 AM – 9 PM

Admission fee

Full rate €9.00 — Concessions €7.00

Billet jumelé (collections permanentes et expositions temporaires) : tarif plein 11 € / tarif réduit 9 €

The artists

  • Philippe Peltier
  • Christian Kaufmann
  • Markus Schindlebeck