Sexe, béatitude et logique comptable — Une proposition curatoriale de Mathieu Mercier


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Sexe, béatitude et logique comptable
Une proposition curatoriale de Mathieu Mercier

Past: February 13 → March 7, 2015

Sexe, béatitude et logique comptable (sex, beatitude and accounting logic): Mathieu Mercier has selected works that seem very much opposed. On one hand, he chooses some of the many conceptual artworks in mfc-michèle didier’s collection, of which the serial and repetitive character can cause a particular psychological state of mind, close to beatitude or trance. A form of modified state of consciousness. On the other hand, he confronts these with art works that reveal a much more sensual nature, erotic even, such as Double Bind by Leigh Ledare or Mes dessins secrets by Annette Messager.

Image nus   mathieu mercier pour dp medium
Mathieu Mercier, Journal, 2015 Newspaper, 28 pages, Offset print — 50 × 35cm — Limited edition of 130 stamped, numbered and signed copies and 20 A.P © Mathieu Mercier & mfc-michèle didier, Paris

« Michèle Didier and Emanuele Quinz1, who know my great interest for published works, have invited me to imagine an exhibition based on Michèle Didier’s previously published editions. I thought it would be interesting to work on two motifs characteristic of her program, which seem completely opposed at first glance. The question will be to confront in an intelligible and sensible way the incongruous combination of serial and minimal artworks with erotic rudimentary representations. »

Leigh ledare double bind ephemera medium
Leigh Ledare, Double Bind, 2012 Print — 3 volumes: Vol 1 of 3, Husbands: 27.9 × 21.6 cm — 96 pages Vol 2 of 3, Diptychs: 38.3 × 30 cm — 112 pages Vol 3 of 3, Ephemeras, consisting of 6 revues: 41.3 × 30.9 cm each — 80 pages each — Limited edition of 85 sets of 3 volumes and 15 A.P © Leigh Ledare & mfc-michèle didier

Mathieu Mercier, excerpt of the interview given to L’Officiel, published in issue of September 2014.

Two styles will be confronted at mfc-michèle didier gallery with the following works:

Logique comptable (accounting logic):

One Billion Colored Dots by Robert Barry One Million Years by On Kawara Trilogy by On Kawara The Book of Shapes by Allan McCollum

Sexe et béatitude (sex and beatitude):  

Double Bind by Leigh Ledare Mes dessins secrets by Annette Messager

Robert barry   obcd   03 medium
Robert Barry, One Billion Colored Dots, 2008 25 volumes: 2008 pages each — 27.6 × 18.6 cm each — Limited edition of 30 numbered and signed copies and 5 A.P © Robert Barry & mfc-michèle didier

Also, a new edition by Mathieu Mercier, produced by mfc-michèle didier, will be presented in preview at this occasion. It will consist of a limited edition newspaper, containing a series of nude photographs, all coming from Mathieu Mercier private collection. Where do these images come from? From a lost paradise? Mathieu Mercier tries to provide an answer.

«These images are fascinating as they don’t reveal any stylistic indication — the models don’t have any cloths nor accessory and the scene always shows an exterior, rural decor. Nonetheless, we can guess the era thanks to the women’s hairstyle, the way they pose and the quality of the picture. Even if they give the impression of a lost paradise, they clearly seem dated…»2

This new art work by Mathieu Mercier will enrichen the exhibition.

1 Emanuele Quinz is an art historian and independant curator. Since 2012, he is associate research professor at EnsadLab. Emanuele Quinz collaborates to the exhibition Sexe, béatitude et logique comptable.

2 Excerpt of Emanuele Quinz’s interview of Mathieu Mercier in December 2014 in Paris.

  • Opening Thursday, February 12, 2015 6 PM → 9 PM

    In the presence of the artist

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