Sextet The Tiger’s Mind Re-iterated


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Sextet The Tiger’s Mind Re-iterated

Past: March 23 → April 27, 2013

Sextet The Tiger’s Mind Re-iterated explores the adaptation of Cardew’s score to the screen throughout a series of events, in which new protagonists join the score’s original characters for the presentation of Beatrice’s Gibson’s film in an exhibition format.

Developed as part of a publishing project initiated by Gibson and Holder, The Tiger’s Mind is an abstract crime thriller featuring six characters, set against the backdrop of a brutalist villa. Employing Cornelius Cardew’s character-driven, improvisational score The Tiger’s Mind, its production elements were developed by Alex Waterman as Tree (ambient sound), Jesse Ash as Wind (special effects), John Tilbury as Mind (soundtrack), Celine Condorelli as Tiger (props), Will Holder as Amy (narrator) and Beatrice Gibson as the Circle (author).

Following the film’s premiere at The Showroom in London, and its second iteration at Index, Stockholm, the exhibition at CAC Brétigny explores the concept of reiteration as distinct from a remake, re-enactment or cover (reprise). In keeping with the representational logic of Cardew’s original score, and the film itself as both a document of existing social relations and a set of instructions for future productions, the exhibition will unfold as a series of autonomous events, offering up to date portraits of its protagonists. New versions based on the score for sextet will be subsequently presented that successively escape the confines of the film itself. These will include: Yes But Is It Edible? by Will Holder and Alex Waterman, Eastside Projects Manual Draft by Céline Condorelli, The Mind and the Tiger by John Tilbury, Avoidance Avoidance (A Project of Transparency) by Jesse Ash. In addition guest-star Marcello Maloberti, who inspired the final sequence of Gibson’s film, will present the sculpture Tagada.

Playing on the resemblance of CAC’s exhibition space to another modernist villa, Le Corbusier’s La Maison La Roche in Paris, the exhibition will include DM1 by Dominique Mathieu (with its references Le Corbusier’s villa), and a new display of Celine Condorelli’s sculpture series Additionals, recently shown at Pavilion Leeds, and featured in the films as props. In the context of their use at CAC, Additionals will function as a stage on and around which the exhibition’s events will unfold.

Throughout the exhibition, new experiments will enliven the sextet, including scores specifically related to the activities of the art center. These will include: Matthieu Saladin, G20 song, Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan), Imposteurs, Vier5’s poster for the program and Pierre Bal-Blanc, Reversibility published by Mousse Publishing and Peephole Milan.

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