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Drawing, installation, sculpture, sound - music...

Sheila Concari
She Bird

Past: November 25, 2011 → January 14, 2012

For her second solo show at Galerie Dix9, Sheila Concari offers an installation of objects and video images floating in the dark — staging a kind of possession of the place as she likes to do at the Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris or in the towers and castle walls of Aigues Mortes ( South of France).

Melusine’s extreme metamorphosis took place: wings grew on her back and then the crawling creature flies. Neither hungry nor thirsty, the” femme oiseau” lives from her song, wandering in a night shelter: cage, forest, sky.

The space is plunged into darkness, from which arise the dim lights of the video, to illuminate the ritual objects and organic forms that reveal the presence of the bird-woman.

Fragile materials, curtains, hanging in the dark: wings, beaks, fingers, arms, conscience.

Moving images of the woman bird invest the range of its objects: a bag, a necklace, a vest… Fragile, ephemeral, almost immaterial, these amulets are made of snake molts, the stuff of metamorphosis.

Drowned in a time without time, the remains of a previous reptilian life are wrapped around lost fethers to form quite impossible to wear clothes.

The feeling of instability is nothing scary here: the femme oiseau loves glamor We feel her presence among the scales. Once again “the shaman” is the guest “in the boudoir”, to quote the great words which Claude Anthenaise wrote when the exhibition "She wolf "in 2009 at Galerie Dix9.took place Sheila Concari’s objects remain in their enigmatic silence while the voice of their mistress’s invades them with a melody that one seems to know…

  • Sheila Concari Event Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 1 PM

    Arte rediffuse le film « L’Art et la Manière »

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