Shiobhan Liddell — Among Ancients


Mixed media

Shiobhan Liddell
Among Ancients

Past: February 2 → March 23, 2013

Throught the roman light, arising from other Times that would be those of a furtive and universal poetry, use to levitate the works of Siobhan Liddell. Like in weighlessness, drawings and sculptures of paper underline the air, in an infinite grace and delicacy, light and deep, intently harmonic.

We use to stay here, calm, among masks and corollas, unlikely harlequins and eternal flowers — in this delicate and ageless clarity. The one of inspiration.

A Shaman listening to old souls that exist in us, inhabiting silence out of which comes sound. Creation and desire continue throughout time. The artist takes note of the primal nature of doing, repetition of imagery to make work informed by the surroundings and inviting in the beyond.

The pieces made in Rome include drawing, sculpture and painting in creations moving between spontaneity and formality.

The nature of gods and oracles requires the force of others to maintain our intentions. Ritual in nature, natural ways of coming together pay homage to our place in the world and to those that came before us.

Siobhan Liddell — Introduction : Cécile de Hann
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