Shirley Wegner


Installation, photography

Shirley Wegner

Past: October 16 → December 14, 2013

The exhibition introduces Shirley Wegner’s photographic work for the first time in France.

Shirley Wegner is integrating photography, installation, art, painting and site-specific work, she refers to the act of remembering an experience of gazing at her native israeli landscape. She then creates mental landscapes which seem real but are are actually constructed through a muti layered process. All of these works are created through a painstakingly detailed process which slowly carves its way through the material it uses.

Wegner does not reconstruct existing or readymade photographs, rather, she leans on a pre-existing visual collective knowledge, and animates landscape pictures that have previously been imprinted into our private and collective consciousness. Her work centers on how our own perception of reality may be constructed.

  • Opening Tuesday, October 15, 2013 3 PM → 8 PM

    With the artist.

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