Fleur Noguera — Sketch of Huamampampa


Drawing, film

Fleur Noguera
Sketch of Huamampampa

Past: February 15 → March 12, 2011

By multiplying the media combining simplification and minutiae of form, Sketch of Huamampampa questions the idea of the representation of landscape through a promenade across an almost desert-like natural space. The title of the film Devonian Levels is a direct reference to the shooting location and to the Devonian geological system, associated with the primitive period when South America saw very important development of its fauna and flora.

Like an explorer, Fleur Noguera documents her stay in Argentina in a cinematic work composed of a succession of low-angle, wide-angle and panoramic shots that evoke a new geography. The film, with its archival appearance, offers a montage without effect, a transition through colour and light., a genuinely reinvented logic oscillating between natural science and a geological field trip. The Meta-Jungla and Geometrical Fractures series, pick up on this cinematographic vocabulary. The conventional composition of drawing is removed to give rise to a composition based on an allegory of decoration. Fleur Noguera views drawing as a space in three dimensions and wilfully directs this trait to create a break between shots.

In Geometrical and Orthogonal Fractures, we find this element once again, which disturbs conventional interpretation. The characteristic is locked behind a purely geometrical aspect, the first shot invading the structure, the eye is absorbed by the this form that acts as a filter and provokes a soft visual fracture. This obsession with composition is equally present in the Stephanie’s Trees series. This collection of drawings, humanised by their titles, exposes through a succession of shots, a rugged panorama in which the atmosphere is somewhere between arid and prehistoric.

Inspired by natural environments as well as photographic and cinematic archives, Fleur Norguera invents a new figurative landscape, accentuated by a strong feeling of anticipation.

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