Slick 10 — Contemporary Art Fair


Drawing, installation, painting, photography...

Slick 10
Contemporary Art Fair

Past: October 21 → 24, 2010

Slick — Paris was founded in 2006 in order to introduce the emerging art scene to a broader public. For its annual fair, Slick places an emphasis on new French and international contemporary art galleries that showcase the emerging scene. The fair confronts them with more established galleries also known for discovering new talents.

Each year, Slick — Paris unveils hundreds of artists and dozens of galleries that represent more than a thousand paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations and videos. These works of art question the world we live in and are a sign of our time, while revealing something about the personal universes of their creators.

In order to showcase the creativity of this French and international art scene, the Slick — Paris team created SLICK, the contemporary art fair that runs side by side with the FIAC and represents the contemporary artistic scene through French and international galleries. Paris’ first alternative art fair, SLICK is developing a new model for fairs: lively and friendly, and bursting with events and creativity. A place where a heterogeneous public – including the business crowd, intellectuals, curators, institutions, journalists, students and art lovers – can decide to spend a day discove — ring, listening, touching, discussing, meeting, eating and buying.

Misc venues for this event

Esplanade du Palais de Tokyo