Michel Aubry


Drawing, installation, sculpture, sound - music

Michel Aubry

Past: September 9 → October 22, 2017

At the occasion of his fourth exhibition at the gallery, Michel Aubry (Fr, 1959) deploys a set of new productions between sculptures and furniture, sound installation and costume, drawings and ornamental carpets.

Meticulous artist, hunter of know-how in questof perfection, Michel Aubry has been carrying out for over twenty years a programmatic work, above all centered around manufacturing processes. Fascinated by the launeddas, a family of Sardinian musical instruments made from reeds, the artist is interested very early in their sonority and their music of oral tradition. His “Conversation Table” 1992, where a length of reed corresponds to a precise sound, allows him to create analogies between sounds and forms, between the invisible and the visible. She invested almost all of her work, from constructivist clothes and furniture put to music to the installations of three-dimensional “partitions”.

Michel Aubry questions the boundaries between art and craftsmanship. His interest in manufacturing and know-how, launeddas but also constructivist furniture, led him to study every detail in order to “reinterpret” and “give new life” to the object. Difficult then not to bring his practice closer to that of a sculptor. In addition to sculpting sounds, Michel Aubry thinks and shapes wood, wax, metal and even fabric to express and bring out the score that animates them.

  • Solo show Opening Saturday, September 9, 2017 5 PM → 9 PM
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