Something for the Week-End



Something for the Week-End

Past: December 7, 2012 → January 10, 2013

Look out, toy models figurines are colonizing our environment to boldly take over different elements of our reality. As the secret witness of a photosensitive micro-world’s existence, Jean Joseph Renucci photographs them in different fancy fashion and succeeds into giving life off camera to these Lilliputians.

Those of you that will choose to linger upon them, beyond the obvious attractiveness of the picture, will notice each title is a reference to sub-pop culture… We jump from a soppy Chris de Burgh (Lady in red) — reminding all the forty something their first slap in the face during a teenage party — to an ‘ecstatic’ Eminem (I just want to make you appreciate nature…) where, as it is visually question of a bucolic picking of mushrooms, the song itself actually evokes a descent of psylo turning out badly during a rave party … The survivors of the Velvet grew old, they grew fat too… Today, you will spot them jogging at ‘Luco’ on Sundays, along the Champ de Mars, or yet on some random provincial path (Run Run Run)… A swift snow snort while swaying the vacuum cleaner and nobody will mind (Coco Mademoiselle).

There are the ones that will opt for a fishing spree in a sardine canned box (Fishermen’s friends) or those that’d rather sit in front of their television set to watch ice skating like in the good old times when T.V began (Dancing cream)… There are those, as night begins to fall, that will slum it and get down on an apple colored dance floor (trendy Cupertino) (Dancers in the dark) and those that will satisfy themselves with a frozen salmon slab, despite the risks of running into a starving polar bears family, like the ones praying around the dumps by the great Canadians lakes (Eisbaer).

There are those running with gaz (Hell’s kitchen) and those rolling with electricity (The final source of energy)… Once on Monday, one shall not forget to prepare his set of pencils before heading back to the office (The pencil sharpeners) while sipping on a soda, cautiously avoiding swallowing divers (Coke Divers)…

  • Opening Thursday, December 6, 2012 6 PM → 9 PM
Nivet Carzon Gallery Gallery
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2, rue Geoffroy Langevin

75004 Paris

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Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday, 2:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Saturday, 10 AM – 7 PM

The artist

  • Jean Joseph Renucci