Song Chao — Back and Forth



Song Chao
Back and Forth

Past: May 3 → June 9, 2012

Galerie Paris-Beijing presents the work of Song Chao. Chinese artist aged 33, he debuted at the “Rencontres Photographiques” in Arles (France) and was awarded at the Pingyao International Photography Festival (China) in 2004.

Coming from a rather atypical background, Song Chao was a pit worker in Shandong, Northern China, when he realized photography was his true vocation. He began taking pictures of his workmates during the rare moments of pause. Forty black and white portraits that combine an intimate approach with formal and technical maturity were his first output. Chao’s photography reveals the miners’ characters trough their expressions and gestures, while remaining as close as possible to a naturalistic approach. The photographs in the series are particularly charming for their realism and amazing for their uncluttered and masterful style.

During the last two years, Song Chao’s research has focused on the phenomenon of China inner migration. At the Galerie Paris-Beijing, he will be presenting a new series of migrant workers portraits, full of strength, truth and simplicity.

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