Sophie Ristelhueber — Pères


Photography, video

Sophie Ristelhueber

Past: May 17 → June 14, 2014

For its first show dedicated to Sophie Ristelhueber, Jérôme Poggi Gallery present the premiere of the film Pères (Fathers), made at the invitation of the Contemporary art center Lab-Labanque Béthune as part of the commemorations of the First World War.

Echoing the exhibition Les Désastres de la guerre, 1900-2014 (The Disasters of War 1800-2014) at Louvre-Lens that features several of her works, the artist evokes the war, this time implicitly, in his film shot in her family home in Vulaines (France).

Sophie Ristelhueber, since the early 1980s, develops a work based on a reflection around territory conceived as a bearer of the traces of human activity and as the remembrance of major historical upheavals.

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