Space for Fantasy


Installation, painting, sculpture

Space for Fantasy

Past: March 25 → May 22, 2010

“Space for Fantasy” brings together common energies and attitudes between visual arts, fashion and design.

Through this show created by Audrey Mascina, the Galerie des Galeries is pleased to invite the public to discover how creative gestures springing from different milieus and personalities can resonate with one another and generate a mutual pertinence.

“Space for Fantasy” joins the worlds of five artists, Henrik Vibskov, Jerszy Seymour, Manish Arora, Vincent Olinet and Thomas Lélu. All of these artists share a natural tendency to push back the confines of their artistic domains and ground their imagination and vision of fantasy and humor in the very heart of the day-to-day world. Their visual vocabulary enjoys stretching the limits of illusion and reality to the point of making the ambient normality absorb a degree of incongruity spontaneously and in complete neutrality. Unexpected and “extra-visual”, their works cultivate that fascination with the breaking point that tips the ordinary over into a field of experience and play. All of the pieces featured in “Space for Fantasy” were either specifically designed for the show or reactivated for the context. They meld with the space of the venue, asserting themselves as environments to be inhabited, activated, experienced, even further developed on occasion. Passing through the space of this imaginary zone, viewers are invited to see their relationship to the world in a different way.

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